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About us


2 novembre 2009

The Italian General Confederation of Enterprises, Professional Occupations and Self-employment is the largest enterprise-representative in Italy, with more than 770,000 members from the trade, tourist, service and transportation sectors.


Trade  is the area, which has become part of Confcommercio’s history, constantly enriched during the years thanks to new activities created as an answer to the ever-changing needs of the market and customers.

Today there are 500,000 business firms operating in different areas and in different stages of the marketing network, all adhering to Confcommercio.


Tourism is represented by means of Confturismo - the most influential trade-union and highest representative of the tourist sector – which unites 200,000 private firms including hotels, tourist agencies, camping-sites, tourist villages, residences, as wells as bars, restaurants, bathing establishments, discotheques, youth hostels, tourist harbours, nautical hiring services.


Services represented by Confcommercio units 65,000 firms operating in the private sector, on a national scale. In this area both service agencies for enterprises and service agencies for the customer meet. Transportation and innovative sectors, such as informatics, telecommunications, radio and television services, communication and advertising, are welcomed by other traditional areas, such as education, real estate agencies, private health services, etc.


Confcommercio, an independent political subject, promotes the development of the business sector where firms of the tertiary sector operate, in a broad context and with the unique aim of expanding the entire economic system. As declared in its Status, the Confederation has the following objectives:


a)            the guardianship and representation of the economic sectors which identify themselves in the Confederation, in the regards of public and private institutions, as well as political, social, economic organizations and trade-unions, including the international ones;

b)            the increase in value of the economic and social interests of entrepreneurs and the acknowledgment of their social function.


In order to be able to reach its goals, Confcommercio operates on different areas of activities and carries out, amongst others, the following functions:


-                 contract stipulation and collective agreement regarding employment relationships and the general interests of the firms being represented;


-                 promotion of business formation;


-                 representation of all the interests of its members and associations, their partners and of the economic sectors which identify themselves in it, in national international institutions and organisms;


-                 promotion, on a national, categorical or territorial scale, of linked structures, agencies, associations, institutes and societies, of any juridical nature, whose aim is the development of the sectors and firms represented by Enasco, QuAS, Fonte and Eurogruzzolo.

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